Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look at list of our most popular Frequently asked questions & answers:

We’ll entertain any investor that is interested in being a part of one of our developments. Although no specific criteria exists, your personal net worth statement will likely be a part of the project’s financing application and should therefore be relatively strong.

We will certainly work with anyone that shares our passion for real estate investment, however to maintain the individual significance of shareholder ownership, we encourage a minimum investment of $50,000.

Through our pillars of real estate investment, we are able to maximize returns at every phase. We start building value at the selection phase and carry that through the acquisition, execution, and management phases. Although returns vary with each project, our historical numbers are commonly over 10% annual return on investment;  not including longer term appreciation.

We work very hard to connect shareholders with significant ownership. To do that, we seek to limit the number of shareholders, within a unique corporation surrounding each development, so that each maintains a significant percentage of the returns. Each shareholder is issued shares matching their ownership percentage in the unique corporation. Defined clearly in a shareholder’s agreement, each investor is afforded the rights of an owner in the corporation.

We use our pillars of investment as filters to ensure that each  presents a beneficial factor:

Selection: Revealing value in a property through unsolicited  purchases, undervalued sales, or distressed sales, all within an  appreciating regional development climate.

Acquisition: Optimizing financing, purchase terms and conditions, and  structured transfers.

Execution: Generating the Highest and Best Use through, severance,  rezoning, renovation, and/or new construction improvements.

Management: Promoting long term stability and revenue growth through  quality tenant relations and property maintenance.

The collective potential from each of these pillars is examined to  ensure overall project viability and long term value.

Once you have indicated your investment interest, we will provide you  with project proposals complete with our four pillar assessments,  development timelines, and our contact information for additional  queries. You will have a complete package in front of you to review,  as well as direct access to us for questions.

Let us know you are interested. Review the project proposals that we  forward you. Complete your own research. Ask questions when you have  them. That said, your investment comes without the responsibilities  of development and management. Tri Service provides that service on  your behalf, using our extensive experience and professional team.

At the start of our relationship with a new investor, there is a great  deal of communication, specifically related to specific project  details and how we operate. As the project moves through the  execution phase, periodic progress updates will be sent. Once the  project is complete, and in the management phase, the corporation  surrounding it will conduct annual shareholders meetings.

We don’t want you to leave us. In fact, our goal is to provide you  with such a positive investment experience that you continue to share  in our developments and you tell all of your colleagues about us.  That said, circumstances change and it is important to understand the  options available to you. The shareholder’s agreement clearly  outlines the exit strategies available to each shareholder. You are  encouraged to seek the legal advice of personal counsel so that you  understand your options.

We offer you a very individual connection with your real estate  investments. With us, you are not a unitholder or a numbered client.  You are offered an opportunity to learn and grow with us as well as  the ability to scale your involvement based on your desires. We are  convinced you will be presented with such a positive experience that  you will invest with us over and over again.

Join us! Share our passion for real estate! Become an owner in one or more of our great projects. Start by Contacting Us through our online form. We look forward to adding you to our team.

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