• Pair strong market factors with specific project characteristics
  • Identify potential in short and long term project value
  • Link development with local and regional support


  • Coordinate procurement through professional enablers
  • Link investor needs to prospective projects
  • Solidify appropriate financing packages


  • Coordinate property adjustments to facilitate optimized development
  • Administer complete physical development plan
  • Enable marketing and leasing process


  • Infrastructure maintenance and management cycles
  • Accounting and reporting systems
  • Property modernization and update program

About TSH Development Group

TSH Development Group is an innovative, privately-held real estate investment group providing development and acquisition services to unique and individual investors.

Founded on extensive industry experience, we are capable of delivering the full spectrum of real estate development services to an expanded clientele with select investment needs. Our niche is growing investors in a personal and educational climate.

Range of Existing Development Properties

Our range of developments go from simple two-story sixplex to four-story 32-unit including underground parking and elevators. These are some of the properties we currently feature in our portfolio. TSH Development Group has assembled a lineup of rental properties in select locations that are geared for maximum revenue growth.

We target specific development across a swath of real estate assets. Our team researches and analyzes a wide array of opportunities, narrowing it down to what we feel works best for the needs and goals of our clientele.

2-story 6-unit complex

3-story 12-unit complex

Make A Difference With An Expert Team