Case Studies

Case Studies

A Recent TSH Development Group created a very successful multi-unit rental project around the goals and needs of the shareholders


GOALSeeking Access to Better Returns

Keith is a successful advisor within middle corporate management. He is a focused professional with a keen mind for business. Not yet married, he spends his free time overseeing the family franchise organization. Through that experience, he realizes the value of real estate as an investment vehicle. Keith would be comfortable building his own real estate portfolio around smaller buildings but wants to make a jump to sizeable ownership in sizeable projects.


GOALSeeking Long Term Growth

Jennifer is an evolving entrepreneur with many creative irons in the fire. Without an established pension plan, she is looking for an investment vehicle that will augment her current cash flow as well as her long term needs. Jennifer understands the basics in real estate but would not be comfortable going it alone.


GOALSeeking Immediate Cash Flow

Abdul and Rita are recently retired. They are a good news story in their sound financial planning and careful spending leading up to their retirement. What they struggle with is the continual depletion of their mutual funds through stock market volatility. Finding themselves checking their fund holdings nervously is not the freedom they envisioned. Although long-term appreciation is important, they seek an investment vehicle which provides steady and predictable cash flow.


GOALLeverage the Skills and Time of Professionals

Bill and Tammy are in the midst of the busy years. Between personal careers and extracurricular activities for the kids, they rarely find the couch. Their investment goals are linked to their kids’ education requirements and a distant retirement. Between RRSPs, RESPs, TFSAs, Bill, and Tammy feel they are doing the right things, however, the desired returns have not materialized. They want to diversify through real estate but have no time.

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