About Us

About TSH Development Group

TSH Development Group is an innovative, privately-held real estate investment group providing development and acquisition services to unique and individual investors.

Founded on extensive industry experience, we are capable of delivering the full spectrum of real estate development services to an expanded clientele with select investment needs. Our niche is growing investors in a personal and educational climate.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect each and every
investor with superior real estate investments.
By channelling experience through our pillars
of development, we will tirelessly optimize
investor return.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide such a valuable and
rewarding individual investment experience,
that you can’t help sharing it with others.
To do that, we are driven to unlocking real
project value, at every turn, on the road to
stable growth and returns.

Our Values

Our relationships are our most valuable asset.
In every relationship we develop… integrity, respect, and good communication are essential ingredients. We add drive and efficiency as a catalyst for success.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to invest in residential and commercial sectors in key
markets, providing a solid platform for stable and growing cash flows:

  • Investing in high-quality properties
  • Optimizing the performance, value and cash flow of our portfolio
  • Mitigate risk by diversifying portfolio
  • Maintaining a strong financial profile

Our Story

Our name stems from the military profession, an organization strengthened by the synergy of its services and rooted in effectiveness through planning.

We’ve assembled a team of experts with knowledge in real estate, investments, finance, accounting, economics, communications, government and much more. Together we’re a formidable force in the field of privately held real estate investments, working hard to create growth and opportunities for our clientele and for other stakeholders.

Make A Difference With An Expert Team